• Spin Out Banner System

    Look, how easy to use it is!

    New system for textile metariel!

    Double Sided Spike

    Increase the reach of your advertising!

  • Who we are?

    We specialize in the production of machine, innovative solutions for the presentation of advertising and we offer printing materials.We have the expertise and the necessary infrastructure to offer ready-made solutions,
    and the possibility to realization of individual orders in advertising system and production machine,
    that streamline the work on the production.

    Our 25 years of experience in manufacturing metal and plastics elements, along with the knowledge
    of the advertising industry, anabled us to creating a brand POP TOWN.

  • What distinguishes our products?

    We care about our economy, therefore each product is produced in Poland, and most of the needed
    raw materials and components required to production we buy on the european market.

    Minimum Tool

    The minimum amount of accessories needed to assembly the product.

    Ready To Use

    The product is supplied with all the necessary components for its assembly, You do not have to waste time on searching for these items
    in other places!


    We try to create products, that will be easy to extend their functionality.
    Depending on the product, You can use them as an exhibition floor or wall mounted, a larger or smaller version of sizes

    Element +

    Expand the use of our products at any time by purchasing a package of additional accessories!

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